Daily Encouragement Day 101 – 2 Kings 1

Ahaziah the son of Ahab followed the wicked ways of his father and continued the worship of Baal in Israel.  When he was injured, the messengers he sent to inquire of the god Baal-Zebub were intercepted by Elijah who sent them back to Ahaziah to tell him the Lord said he would die.  In his defiance, the king sent a band of soldiers to bring Elijah to him, but fire from heaven consumed them.  This happened a second time, and the third group approached the prophet in humility and begged for their lives.  Elijah went up with them and personally delivered the same message to Ahaziah who soon died according to Elijah’s word.



Lord, what You decree no one can change or thwart.  You judge unrighteousness and arrogance and lift up the humble.  Let me remember to treat You as holy and to walk before You in loving fear.

Meditation passage for today: verse 16

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