Daily Encouragement Day 130 – Esther 3

Ahasuerus’ appointment of the arrogant Haman to the role of prime minister meant trouble for the Jews when Mordecai refused to bow or pay homage to him.  When Haman heard of it and learned that Mordecai was a Jew, he plotted to destroy every Jew throughout the Persian Empire.  He asked the king to allow him to draw up a royal decree to eliminate the Jews from every province on a day he had determined by casting Pur (the lot).  When the decree was copied and sent by courier throughout the many provinces of the empire, it caused consternation among all the Jewish people who heard of it.



Lord, the ugliness and destructive nature of human pride are evident in the rage and malice of Haman.  I also realize that pride can cause me to react in ways that are utterly disproportionate to an offense, and I ask that You would protect me from the folly of self-promotion and arrogance.

Meditation passage for today: verse 4

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