Daily Encouragement Day 141 – Job 40

After the Lord’s round of questions, Job responds by acknowledging his insignificance and presumption.  He realizes that he has spoken about things of which he has no knowledge, and that his attempts to contend with the Almighty are borne out of foolishness.  But the Lord wants Job to see more than this, and in a second speech to Job, He illustrates His ability to control all things (40-41).  The Lord tells Job that he would need to have the power of the Almighty to contend with Him, and illustrates this power and authority in describing two of His many creatures.  The first is the behemoth, and this Hebrew word appears only in Job 40:15.  This awesome creature is only one of the manifold works of God.



Lord, I realize the presumption with which I grumble about my circumstances and indirectly accuse You of mismanagement.  Thank You for this reminder that You alone are in sovereign control of all things, and that I cannot control even a day of my life.

Meditation passage for today: verses 6-14

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