Daily Encouragement Day 142 – Job 41

After His poetic description of Behemoth, the Lord vividly describes another of His many creatures to illustrate His sovereignty over the entire created order and His ability to control the uncontrollable.  As with Behemoth in Job 40, Leviathan in Job 41 is not easily identified.  Judging from the poetic images of Leviathan’s strength and size plus the other biblical passages that mention this creature, this appears to be a large sea creature.  While it has been suggested that Behemoth is a hippopotamus and Leviathan is a crocodile, others think the descriptions in Job 40-41 seem to describe creatures that are larger and more powerful, even taking poetic exaggeration into account.



Lord, Your creation, with its rich array of extinct and existing animals and plants, abounds with marvels and wonders.  Any one of these living things displays an elegance and complexity that greatly transcends our most advanced technology.  May I always be more impressed by Your world than by the realm of human achievements.

Meditation passage for today: verses 1-5, 33-34

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