Daily Encouragement Day 144 – Psalm 1

The Psalter, comprising five books in one, powerfully and beautifully portrays the whole range of human emotions.  Because of this, it has served as the most comforting and relevant book of the Bible for generations of believers.  The psalms show us how to praise and worship God both in good and in difficult times, and they call us to put our hope in God and not in people or resources.

The first psalm is a fitting doorkeeper to the Psalter as a whole because of its stark contrast between the way of life and the way of death.  It begins with a negative and positive description of the person who is blessed in the sight of God, and sharply contrasts this with the fate of those who have rejected God’s claims on their lives.



Lord, I thank You for this clear reminder that those who delight in and meditate on Your instructions for living will grow and bear the fruit of character and joy.  May I be responsive to Your Word and delight in it.

Meditation passage for today: verses 2-3

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