Daily Encouragement Day 146 – Psalm 23

The best known of all the psalms is a brief but marvelous meditation by a shepherd who draws an analogy between his caring relationship with his flock and the Lord’s care for him.  In the first two verses, David portrays the Lord as a shepherd who loves and cares for His flock.  In the next two verses, the Lord is envisioned as a shepherd who guides and protects His sheep.  The last two verses describe God as a shepherd who provides for and abides with His flock.  This psalm poetically presents the ongoing goodness and mercy of the Lord throughout the life of His sheep.



Lord, I thank You that I have become a member of Your flock through faith in Christ Jesus, and that Your presence will be my joy forever.  May I become accustomed to practicing Your presence during the brief years of my earthly sojourn.

Meditation passage for today: verses 1-6

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