Daily Encouragement Day 172 – Isaiah 55

The prophetic condemnation (1-39) is followed by a prophetic consolation (40-66) in which the Lord comforts His people with a message of hope and restoration.  The sovereignty and majesty of God is the foundation for Israel’s hope (40-48).  He alone rules the realms of nature and of nations, and His power and greatness is contrasted with the impotence of idols.  The salvation of God centers on the redemptive work of the coming Servant who will save His people from their iniquities (49-57).

In this chapter, Messiah invites everyone to come and find life in Him.  Those who seek the Lord will be satisfied with His righteousness.



Lord, I will seek You while You may be found, and call upon You while You are near.  I forsake evil and return to You, and I thank You that You have compassion on me and abundantly pardon.

Meditation passage for today: verses 1, 6-11

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