Daily Encouragement Day 194 – Jonah 1

Everything in Jonah (the storm, the lots, the sailors, the great fish, the people of Nineveh, the vine, the worm, and the east wind) obeyed God’s command except for the prophet himself.  God told Jonah to go northeast to Nineveh; instead, he got on a boat that was heading west to Tarshish (possibly Spain).  He knew that if he preached a message of repentance to the Assyrians, they might respond, and this would make him feel like a traitor to his own people.  God’s purpose would not be thwarted, however, and He sovereignly prepared a great fish to deliver the disobedient prophet and to change his perspective.



Lord, I know that disobedience to Your calling creates pain and confusion in my life.  But I also know that my failures do not disqualify me from Your service as long as I am willing to repent and return to You.

Meditation passage for today: verses 9, 16-17