Daily Encouragement Day 2—Genesis 3

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 2


Meditation Passage: verse 15

The climax of Genesis 1 was the creation of the man and the woman, and the climax of Genesis 2 was the covenant relationship between the man and the woman. Today’s chapter is crucial to our understanding of human nature: God did not create us the way we are now, but we changed ourselves through the tragedy of the fall. The fundamental issue in the temptation scene was trusting God enough to believe that He has our best interests at heart. When the man and the woman decided that they had a better idea than God of what their best interests looked like, they turned from saying “Thy will be done” to “My will be done.” Thus they were spiritually separated from God and their character and destiny were radically changed.

Prayer: Lord, I realize that I have participated in this scene of rebellion against You, and like Adam and Eve, I have sought to experience life on my terms.  By Your grace, I acknowledge this sin of pride and ask You to root out of me all that is contrary to Your purposes and character so that Christ may be all in all in my life.