Daily Encouragement Day 20 – Genesis 41

Two years after the incident with the butler and baker, the Lord troubled Pharaoh with a disturbing dream that cried out for an interpretation.  It was then that the butler recalled Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams and informed Pharaoh about him.  When Pharaoh summoned Joseph, the Hebrew’s fortunes changed suddenly and dramatically.  Not only was he granted the ability to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams, but he also was given the wisdom to know how to act in the most effective way to avert the disastrous consequences of the coming famine in Egypt.  In the course of only a few hours, Joseph was elevated from imprisonment to the position of prime minister in Egypt.



Lord, You are able to bring a person or a nation down in a day and to raise them up suddenly at Your good pleasure.  All things are in Your hands, and I want to learn to take this to heart when I find myself discouraged and disheartened.

Meditation passage for today: verses 16, 25, 28

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