Daily Encouragement Day 211 – Matthew 13

The Sermon on the Mount is followed by a collection of miracles that reveal Jesus’ authority over nature, disease, demons, and death.  Thus, His words are authenticated by His works (8-10).  As the people hear Jesus’ words and see His works, the religious leaders begin to oppose Him, and this theme of mounting rejection is developed until it culminates in the crucifixion.  In response to this opposition, Jesus begins to speak in parables and spends more time with His disciples to prepare them in light of His coming death and resurrection (11-20).

In Matthew 13, Jesus uses parables to conceal the truth from those who would reject it, and to reveal the truth to those to whom it was granted to receive the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.



Lord, Your kingdom is like a treasure hidden in the field and like a pearl of great value.  May I give everything I have in exchange for Your kingdom and righteousness.

Meditation passage for today: verses 11-12, 44-46

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