Daily Encouragement Day 237 – John 13

In view of increasing hostility to His words and works, Jesus sees that His hour has finally come.  At His last supper with the disciples, He prepares them for His imminent departure (13-16) and intercedes for them (17).  The Upper Room Discourse, recorded only in John, is the most complete of Jesus’ messages, and it contains the seed themes concerning the spiritual life that are later developed in the epistles.

Jesus, who loved and served His own until the end, gave His disciples a new commandment to love one another, even as He loved them.  Having washed the feet of His disciples (including Judas), Jesus predicted His betrayal.  After Judas went out into the night, the Lord told His disciples of His imminent departure from this world.



Lord, grant me Your power to love others even as You have loved me.  May the love of the believers in my community be a demonstration that we are Your disciples.

Meditation passage for today: verses 1, 3, 13-15, 34-35

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