Daily Encouragement Day 255 – Acts 21

Paul continued west to Ephesus, the capital city of the Roman province of Asia, where he spent over two years teaching and reasoning daily and performing miracles of healing.  As the word of the Lord spread throughout Asia, Paul’s opponents in Ephesus caused an uproar, and Paul decided to leave Ephesus to visit and exhort the churches in Macedonia and Greece.  After a few months, he and his companions made their way back to Troas from which they sailed to Miletus where they met with the elders of the Ephesian church.  Paul solemnly exhorted them and then set sail with his friends and journeyed on to Jerusalem.  When some of Paul’s Jewish opponents from Asia saw him in the temple, they stirred up the crowd against him.  The mob dragged him out of the temple and began beating him until he was rescued by the soldiers under the Roman commander.



Lord, Paul’s passion for the gospel and his willingness to suffer deprivation, persecution, and death for the name of the Lord Jesus is both inspiring and challenging.  May I be willing to endure hardship for the sake of His name.

Meditation passage for today: verses 13-14

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