Daily Encouragement Day 29 – Exodus 4

Moses repeatedly objected to becoming God’s chosen instrument of deliverance for his people, and the Lord answered each of his excuses.  Moses’ fifth objection to send someone else angered the Lord because of the lack of faith it represented.  Even here, the Lord made provision for a spokesman to the people, and Aaron was already on his way to visit his brother Moses.  When Moses and Aaron returned to Egypt, the Lord gave them favor with the children of Israel who realized that the Lord had finally visited them and looked on their affliction.



Lord, You meet Your people at their point of need and authenticate Yourself in so many ways.  I thank You that You prepare creative ways of delivering us from the servitude and monotony of sin, and that You invite us to participate in Your works and ways.

Meditation passage for today: verses 5, 11, 31

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