Daily Encouragement Day 344 – 1 Peter 4

Peter urges his readers to live no longer in the lusts of the flesh, but in God’s power and in service to one another (4:1-11).  If they suffer for the sake of Christ, they should commit themselves to the Lord and continue in His service (4:12-19).

First Peter develops the theme of a biblical response to suffering in the lives of believers.  Peter could anticipate a growing wave of persecution among those who follow Christ, and it appears that he wrote this epistle not long before Christianity was declared to be an illegal religion.  He wanted his readers to be prepared to persevere under adversity and not to be surprised at the painful trial they were suffering, as though something strange were happening to them (4:12).  Instead, they should rejoice that they are participating in the sufferings of Christ, because they will exult at the revelation of His glory (4:13).



Lord, may I be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer, and may I keep fervent in my love for others.

Meditation passage for today: verses 7-13