Daily Encouragement Day 361 – Revelation 5

Generally speaking, those who hold the symbolic, preterist, and historicist views are amillennial (Christ’s kingdom is taking place now in a spiritual sense) or postmillennial (Christ will return after the church establishes His kingdom by evangelizing society).  Those who hold the futurist view are premillennial (there is a spiritual sense in which the kingdom has already come, but after His second advent, Christ will also establish a geopolitical kingdom that will last for a thousand years, and this will be followed by the creation of a new heaven and a new earth).

Thus, the purpose for which John wrote the Revelation depends on which interpretive approach one takes.  However, all would agree that one purpose of this book was to encourage its recipients in a time of persecution by assuring them of God’s ultimate triumph over the forces of evil.  It was also written to challenge them to persevere and to hold fast to the truth, because God will reward those who love His Son.



Lord, worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.

Meditation passage for today: verses 5-6, 9, 12-14

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