Daily Encouragement Day 42 – Exodus 32

After the Lord revealed His judgments and ratified His blood covenant with the people, Moses went up into the mountain where he received the instructions for the tabernacle and the two tablets of the Testimony.  During his forty-day absence, the people corrupted themselves and degenerated into idolatry.  Moses interceded with the Lord on their behalf and disciplined them.  In his love for the Lord, Moses appealed to God’s reputation in the sight of the nations, and in his love for his people, Moses cried out to the Lord for their forgiveness.



Lord, how quickly we turn aside from walking with You, particularly when we are distracted by the cares of this world and suppose that You are distant.  Let me love You enough to be concerned with the honor of Your name and to treat You as holy in the affairs of this life.

Meditation passage for today: verses 12-13

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