Daily Encouragement Day 44 – Numbers 13

By this time, Israel had ample opportunities to grumble and complain about their conditions, their food, and their leadership.  The longer they were away from Egypt, the more they idealized it and wanted to return.  Numbers 13-14, however, marks a permanent change in their destiny when they drew back in disbelief at Kadesh.  After sending out representatives from each of the twelve tribes to investigate the promised land, the people were disheartened by the majority report.  In spite of Caleb’s words of encouragement, the majority opinion prevailed.



Lord, I realize that it is not my circumstances, but the perspective I bring to my circumstances that makes all the difference.  Grant that I may see things from a biblical point of view rather than a worldly perspective, so that I will trust You enough to obey You.

Meditation passage for today: verse 30

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