Daily Encouragement Day 45 – Numbers 14

Convinced that the Lord did not have their best interests at heart, the people wanted to select a leader who would guide them back to Egypt.  Joshua and Caleb urged the congregation not to rebel against the Lord but to trust Him enough to protect them as they obediently claimed the promised land.  Once again, Moses had to intercede for his people before the Lord, and once again the Lord pardoned the children of Israel.  Nevertheless, there were grave consequences for their failure to believe God, and the generation of the Exodus lost its opportunity to be the generation of the conquest.  From that point, everyone twenty years old and above would perish in the wilderness, and it would be their children who would conquer the land.



Lord, it is frightening to realize that I can commit the sin of unused potential by drawing back in disbelief.  I ask for the faith to honor You in spite of appearances to the contrary and to believe that You always desire what is best for me.

Meditation passage for today: verses 7-9, 18

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