Daily Encouragement Day 66 – Joshua 24

Many begin well and end poorly, but Joshua finished his race well and remained faithful to the Lord throughout his one hundred and ten years.  In his message to the leaders of his people, Joshua reminded them of the Lord’s gracious and powerful works on behalf of the children of Israel and in the past until the present day.  With this perspective fresh in their minds, Joshua moved into application by exhorting his countrymen to fear the Lord, to serve Him in sincerity and truth, and to put away all forms of idolatry.  Joshua warned the people that the Lord is a jealous God who will not endure faithlessness or rebellion, but they vowed to serve the Lord, and Joshua made a covenant with them.



Lord, it is clear that the only options before me are service to You or service to idolatry by putting anything in the created order higher in my affections and priorities than You.  Help me remember that You are a jealous God who will not let Your children stray away from You without being disciplined.

Meditation passage for today: verses 14-15

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