Daily Encouragement Day 7—Genesis 9

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 7


Meditation Passage: verses 6–7

After the flood, the Lord reinstated His mandate for humanity to “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.” He also gave Noah and his descendants animal as well as plant life to eat, but He stipulated that flesh could not be consumed with its lifeblood.

God also established a covenant with Noah and his descendants and gave him the rainbow as the sign of this covenant. It appears that ecological conditions on earth were radically different after the flood. It may be that more rapid fermentation of grape juice was one of these differences (this would account for the drunkenness of Noah).

Prayer: Lord, I thank You for Your covenant relationship with Noah, and for this account of Your faithfulness to him and his descendants. I am grateful that You made me in Your image and that You have created me for a purpose.