Daily Encouragement Day 72 – Judges 16

Once again, Samson had a liaison with a Philistine woman, and again the Lord delivered him from a death trap.  The miracle of his uprooting and carrying the huge city gate of Gaza over thirty miles to Hebron is understated.

Samson’s final relationship with a Philistine woman led to his downfall.  Delilah was a persuasive and persistent woman who would not cease to manipulate him until she discovered the source of his strength so she could sell him into the hands of the Philistine lords.  Each time, Samson came closer to the truth, until he made the fatal mistake of revealing his secret and presuming that God would once again deliver him.  Nevertheless, Samson was allowed to have a final victory against three thousand of his enemies.



Lord, this tragic story makes me wonder about the potential of this man had he walked in obedience to Your ways.  I realize that more often than not, You use us in spite of ourselves and not because of our abilities.  Let me remember to walk in Your strength and not in my own.

Meditation passage for today: verses 28, 30