Daily Encouragement Day 78 – 1 Samuel 2

Hannah’s prayer of thanksgiving, similar to the Magnificat of Mary in Luke 1, is one of the great prayers of the Bible.  She extols the name and character of the Lord and acknowledges His sovereignty over all things.  The Lord later granted her the gift of sons and daughters because of her faithfulness.

By contrast, the sons of Eli were unfaithful priests whose wickedness desecrated the sanctuary of the Lord.  The Lord sent a man of God to rebuke Eli for his failure to discipline his sons.  Because he dishonored the Lord in this way, the Lord would judge him and his sons.



Lord, Your Word reveals the entire range of human character from fidelity and integrity to rebellion and treachery.  Let me remember that You honor those who honor You, and that those who despise You will be lightly esteemed.

Meditation passage for today: verses 2, 6-7, 30

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