Daily Encouragement Day 9—Genesis 12

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 9


Meditation Passage: verses 1–3

This crucial chapter records the calling of Abram out of all the people of the earth and the threefold outline of the Abrahamic covenant: land, seed, and blessing.  God’s promise to give Abram and his descendants a land and a permanent lineage is the theme of much of the Old Testament, and this covenant also affirms that in Abram, “all the families of the earth will be blessed.” The name of Abraham has indeed become great, and he is now revered by Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

Abram was a man of faith who learned to recognize the voice of God, to call upon His name, and to obey Him.

Prayer: Lord, I thank You for the faith of this man who was willing to trust You and to risk everything on Your promises and commands. I am also grateful that in spite of his lapses and shortcomings, You continued to use him, just as You desire to do with me.

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