Daily Encouragement Day 92 – 1 Kings 3

When the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream, He offered to grant Solomon one request.  Solomon, aware of his own lack of experience and the burden of leadership that had been thrust upon him, requested an understanding heart to judge God’s people with discernment.  The Lord was pleased with this request for wisdom and told Solomon that he would not only be granted unprecedented wisdom, but that he would also receive what he had not asked.  This great gift of wisdom was soon demonstrated publicly in Solomon’s prudent judgment in the case of the two women who claimed the same child.



Lord, Solomon’s humble request illustrates the truth that when we seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness, the other needs of this life will be provided.  Let me desire above all else the one thing most needful—the wisdom of trust in You.

Meditation passage for today: verses 9, 14

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