Daily Scripture Prayers of Renewal: Part 9

May I be careful to lead a blameless life. 
May I walk in the integrity of my heart in the midst of my house. 
May I set no wicked thing before my eyes. 
I hate the work of those who fall away;
May it not cling to me.  (Psalm 101:2-3)

May I meditate on Your precepts
And consider Your ways. 
May I delight in Your statutes,
And not forget Your word. 
Deal bountifully with Your servant,
That I may live and keep Your word. 
Open my eyes that I may see
Wonderful things from Your law.  (Psalm 119:15-18)

Give me understanding, and I will keep Your law
And observe it with all my heart. 
Make me walk in the path of Your commands,
For there I find delight. 
Incline my heart to Your testimonies
And not to selfish gain. 
Turn my eyes away from worthless things,
And revive me in Your way.  (Psalm 119:34-37)

Teach me to do Your will,
For You are my God;
May Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.  (Psalm 143:10)

May I receive the words of wisdom
And treasure her commands within me,
Turning my ear to wisdom
And applying my heart to understanding. 
If I cry for discernment
And lift up my voice for understanding,
If I seek her as silver
And search for her as for hidden treasures,
Then I will understand the fear of the Lord
And find the knowledge of God. 
Then I will understand righteousness and justice and honesty—
Every good path. 
For wisdom will enter my heart,
And knowledge will be pleasant to my soul. 
Discretion will protect me,
and understanding will guard me.  (Proverbs 2:1-5, 9-11)

May I honor the Lord with my wealth
And with the firstfruits of all my increase.  (Proverbs 3:9)

May I preserve sound wisdom and discretion,
Not letting them out of my sight;
They will be life to my soul.  (Proverbs 3:21-22)

May I guard my heart with all diligence,
For out of it flow the issues of life.  (Proverbs 4:23)

May I let my eyes look straight ahead,
And fix my gaze straight before me. 
May I ponder the path of my feet
So that all my ways will be established. 
May I not turn to the right or to the left
But keep my foot from evil.  (Proverbs 4:25-27)

My son, keep my words
And store up my commands within you. 
Keep my commands and live,
And my law as the apple of your eye. 
Bind them on your fingers;
Write them on the tablet of your heart. 
Say to wisdom, "You are my sister,"
And call understanding your kinsman.  (Proverbs 7:1-4)

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