Daily Encouragement: Day 270

Adapted from: Handbook to Spiritual Growth


Jesus Christ gave His life for us (salvation), so that He could give His life to us (sanctification), so that He could live His life through us (service). The life God implants within us is meant not only to permeate our beings, but also to penetrate and multiply in the lives of others.

Believers who live and finish well are marked by ongoing outreach and sacrificial ministry for the good of other people. Those who squander the resources, gifts, experiences, and hard-learned insights God has given them by no longer investing them in the lives of others soon wither and withdraw.

It’s vital to discover and develop the spiritual gifts we have received from God, and to exercise them in the power of the Spirit for the edification of others. When we do this, evangelism and discipleship become a lifestyle, not an event. And of all possible investments in this life, none has a greater yield than being a part of introducing people to Jesus and assisting them in their spiritual growth after they have come to know Him.

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