Daily Encouragement: Year 1, Day 13

Adapted from Handbook to Leadership

Personal Development: Courage/Risk-Taking

Ezekiel 28:6–10

Ezekiel demonstrated a rare kind of courage in confronting the immorality of the highly successful king of Tyre. We admire someone who stands strong under pressure. We cheer the leader who points out errors in the struggling department and makes it improve. But who goes into a division that’s blowing the doors off and tells them to clean up their act?

Ezekiel recorded the wild success story of Tyre under its highly effective king in 27:1–28:5. Then in 28:6–10 we discover that the successful king was also an immoral one.

It takes courage to stand firm when attacked. It takes courage to risk people’s retaliation by making them fix what’s broken. But following Ezekiel into the plush office of the powerful king to confront him with his sin requires another kind of courage—the courage that comes from godly conviction and the Spirit’s prompting.

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