Daily Encouragement: Year 1, Day 2

Adapted from Handbook to Leadership

Exodus 34:6–7

When Moses asked God to reveal His glory to him, the Lord said He would pass by in front of him and proclaim His name to Moses (33:18–19). God had to shield Moses from the fullness of His glory by covering him in the cleft of a rock, and as He passed in front of Moses, God accompanied this awesome display by proclaiming the perfection of His own character.

When God revealed Himself as the compassionate and gracious God who is slow to anger; who abounds in love and faithfulness; who maintains love to thousands; and who forgives wickedness, rebellion and sin, He made it clear that His personal character is the absolute standard by which all of these qualities are defined. God is accountable to no one, and there is no higher standard to which He must conform. His own eternal and uncompromising character is the unchanging standard that gives ultimate meaning to love, graciousness, faithfulness, and forbearance.

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