Daily Encouragement: Year 1, Day 29

Adapted from Handbook to Leadership

Personal Development: Integrity

1 Timothy 4:15–16

It’s self-evident that a hypocrite is unqualified to guide others toward attaining higher character. No one respects someone who talks a good game but fails to play by the rules. What a Christian does will have a greater impact on those around him or her than what the Christian says. A person may forget ninety percent of what a Christian says, but he or she will never forget how the Christian lives.

But that standard doesn’t imply that any of us will be perfect. In fact, the New Testament doesn’t call for perfect leaders; it calls for those who are models of progress in their faith. Paul instructed Timothy to be diligent in following godly teachings. He encouraged Timothy to give himself wholly to them (1 Timothy 4:15). That’s sound advice for us today, as well.

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