Daily Encouragement: Year 1, Day 6

Adapted from Handbook to Leadership

Romans 12:1–2

The apostle Paul urges us on God’s behalf to devote ourselves to God. The word “Therefore” (v. 1) points to all the apostle has written in the previous eleven chapters. In light of God’s mercy, which justifies, sanctifies, and will someday glorify us, we are to present ourselves as living sacrifices to Him. In other words, we should allow God’s mercy to accomplish this additional work in our lives. We should let it drive us to absolute commitment.

The word “present” implies that this act, much like a wedding vow, occurs once. It may be renewed, but at some point we should be motivated by God’s mercy to devote ourselves to Him. When we take this step, we’re acknowledging Christ’s leadership in our lives. We sacrifice our selfish desires and misguided ambitions as we strive to align ourselves with God’s will. Once this act of commitment occurs, our talents and dreams will be surrendered to His purpose. And the more we give ourselves to Him, the more He will bless and use us.

Have you committed yourself completely to Christ? If not, consider doing so now. If you’re a devoted follower of Christ, perhaps you could consider renewing this commitment.

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