Daily Scripture: Day 109—2 Kings 19

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 109


When Hezekiah heard Assyria’s taunts through Rabshakeh, he covered himself with sackcloth and went into the temple and sent a contingent of men to ask Isaiah the prophet to pray for the remnant of Judah. Isaiah assured them that the Lord would respond to this blasphemy and prophesied the overthrow of Sennacherib and the Assyrian army. Then in one night, the angel of the Lord killed 185,000 of the Assyrian army that was surrounding Jerusalem. The defeated Sennacherib returned to Nineveh, where he was soon assassinated by two of his sons.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for this account of Hezekiah’s prayer, Isaiah’s prophecy, and Your sudden and mighty deliverance of Your people in Jerusalem. Those who trust in You will overcome against impossible odds.

Meditation passage: verses 15–16, 19

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