Daily Scripture: Day 110—2 Kings 20

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: 2 Kings 20

When King Hezekiah was near death because of an illness, the prophet Isaiah told him he would not recover. But Hezekiah prayed to the Lord, and God instructed Isaiah to return and announce that He would grant the king an additional fifteen years of life. God gave Hezekiah a miraculous sign of his recovery, but not long after the king was healed, he foolishly and proudly displayed all of his treasures to a group of messengers from the king of Babylon. Because of this, Isaiah the prophet rebuked Hezekiah and prophesied that after his days, the Babylonians would carry away all of these treasures to their country.

Lord, even though You humbled Hezekiah through sickness, his heart succumbed to pride after he was cured. Please guard me from the subtle temptations to suppose that I can boast in anything other than You.

Meditation passage: verses 5–6