Daily Scripture: Day 113—1 Chronicles 29

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 113


Chronicles gives a later priestly perspective on the period of the kings, and this is evident in the material in chapters 22 to 29. In this section of the book, detailed descriptions are given of the material provisions for the construction of the temple, the organization of the Levites and the priests, the orders of the temple musicians, the organization of the gatekeepers, the treasuries, and the temple officers, the leaders of the military divisions of Israel and of the 12 tribes, and the royal officers and counselors of David. The king gave his son Solomon the plans and provisions for the temple and offered a final prayer of thanksgiving before the coronation of his successor Solomon.

Prayer: Lord, the beauty, dignity, splendor, and order of Israel’s worship at its peak in the reigns of David and Solomon were a great testimony to Your grace and power in transforming a people who were in bondage in Egypt and who wandered in the wilderness into a great and glorious nation.

Meditation passage: verses 10–19

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