Daily Scripture: Day 124—Nehemiah 5

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 124


Not only did the Jews experience external opposition from their enemies, but they were also suffering from internal oppression by their nobles and rulers. Hearing how many of the people were being forced into servitude through the financial exploitation of those who were exacting usury from their countrymen, Nehemiah rebuked these manipulators and required them to return the interest and stop abusing their brethren. Nehemiah also became an example to these nobles by refusing to take his rightful governor’s provisions—instead, he shared with those who were in need.

Prayer: Lord, I know that opposition to Your calling in my life comes not only from without, but also from within. I ask that You would reveal any selfish and manipulative strategies that I have been guilty of following and set me free as I set my heart on Your Son.

Meditation passage: verses 9, 19

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