Daily Scripture: Day 129—Esther 2

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 129


When Ahasuerus’ servants advised him to appoint officers throughout his kingdom who would search for beautiful virgins to gather to Shushan, the king was pleased with the idea of selecting one of these women to replace his former queen. One of the women who was taken to the king’s palace was Esther, a Jewish girl who had been raised by her relative Mordecai. While Esther was being prepared with the other virgins to see the king, she concealed her Jewish identity. When her turn came, this gracious and beautiful woman won the favor of Ahasuerus who had her crowned as his new queen.

Later, Mordecai warned Esther about a plot to assassinate the king, and she informed the king in Mordecai’s name. The report was confirmed, the conspirators were hanged, and it was written in the court chronicles.

Prayer: Lord, You sovereignly work in human affairs and use unknown and humble people to accomplish extraordinary things. Just as You chose this young woman to accomplish Your purposes, I ask that You would let me participate in Your purposes as well.

Meditation passage: verses 17, 20

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