Daily Scripture: Day 135—Esther 8

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 135


Yet another irony in this book is the fact that Mordecai was given the house of Haman, the deceased enemy of the Jews. Esther sought to reverse the decree that Haman had deceitfully carried out in the name of the king. Since the former decree could not be revoked, the king granted Esther and Mordecai the right to issue another royal decree that would counteract the decree engineered by Haman. They acted quickly and arranged for the new decree to be carried throughout the provinces of the empire, which permitted the Jews to avenge themselves on those who would assault them. Because of this, “For the Jews there was light and gladness and joy and honor.”

Prayer: Lord, You hear the prayers of those who cry out to You and honor those who seek to honor You. In Your sovereignty, You even use the evil counsels of men to accomplish You will, and nothing can thwart Your loving purposes for Your people.

Meditation passage: verse 16

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