Daily Scripture: Day 143—Job 42

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 143


Job’s response to God in 40:3–5 was a realization of his finitude and presumption, but here in 42:1–6 he responds in humility and repentance. His direct encounter with the awesome God of all creation brings him to the point of contrition for his self-righteousness that had been growing through the course of his debates with his friends as he sought to defend himself and questioned God’s ways. The real issue in Job is not suffering, but sovereignty. The lesson Job ultimately learned through the things he suffered is that God alone is in sovereign control of all things. When Job prayed for his three friends, the Lord doubled what he had lost and gave him children to replace those He took away.

Prayer: Lord, I am grateful that You care for Your people and teach us the painful lessons we need to receive. I see that You always intend good for us in the end, and that You are compassionate and merciful.

Meditation passage: verses 1–6

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