Daily Scripture: Day 148—Psalm 37

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 148


Psalm 37 is a wisdom psalm that instructs us in the importance of maintaining the right perspective during our earthly journey. It is a beautifully crafted acrostic poem that begins almost every other verse with each successive letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Like the book of Proverbs, this instructional poem contains wisdom sayings that encourage us to take the long view of life and see things from an eternal perspective. The bulk of this psalm contrasts the pursuits and destiny of the wicked and the righteous. It grants that in the short run, those who refuse to acknowledge God may prosper, while those who seek God often suffer at the hands of evildoers. But the righteous will ultimately endure and inherit the land.

Prayer: Lord, by Your grace I want to trust in You, to delight myself in You, to commit my way to You, and to be still and wait patiently for You. Thank You that I can rest in You and in this way overcome the concerns that would make me anxious.

Meditation passage: verses 3–7, 23–24, 39–40

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