Daily Scripture: Day 157—Proverbs 2

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Proverbs 2

The book of Proverbs begins by preparing the reader to receive instruction (1–9). A clear statement of the purpose of the book (1:1–7) is followed by a series of ten exhortations as from a father to a son (or an instructor to a student) that are designed to encourage the student to treasure and pursue the priceless gem of wisdom. The benefits of wisdom are manifold, since they lead to true success and character in life as opposed to the pain and destruction that results from a life of folly. The discipline of wisdom leads to freedom and skillful living, whereas the path of foolishness and rebellion makes a person vulnerable to the lures and seductions of the lusts of this world. In this chapter, we are encouraged to seek diligently for wisdom because of her many benefits.


Lord, I want to treasure Your words and incline my ear to wisdom. I know that You are the source of wisdom, and that You are a shield to those who fear You and walk in Your ways.

Meditation passage: verses 1–9