Daily Scripture: Day 263—Romans 1

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Romans 1

While the Gospels portray the words and works of Jesus Christ, Romans develops the profound implications of His life, death, and resurrection for those who trust in Him. Romans is the most systematic and comprehensive theological treatise in the Bible, and it presents the powerful themes of salvation, righteousness, faith, justification, redemption, atonement, reconciliation, and imputation with greater clarity than anywhere else in Scripture. Romans 6–8 is the supreme passage for the meaning of the spiritual life, and Romans 12–14 is crucial to our understanding of the outworking of the spiritual life.

The theme of Romans, spelled out in 1:16–17, is that the gospel is the power of God for salvation and righteousness for those whose faith is in Jesus Christ.


Lord, You have revealed Yourself to all people through Your vast and marvelous created order, and yet so many people have turned away from the glory of the incorruptible God to worship and serve the creature. May I always honor You as God and give thanks to You.

Meditation passage: verses 3–4, 16–20