Daily Scripture: Day 75—Ruth 3

From Handbook to Scripture


Naomi was a shrewd woman who analyzed the situation and knew what had to be done. She instructed her daughter-in-law to dress up and wait until Boaz had finished eating and drinking in celebration of the barley harvest. Then she was to cast herself on his mercy under cover of darkness and await his response. Ruth obediently followed Naomi’s instructions, and when Boaz discovered her at his feet at midnight, he blessed her for not going after younger men. He would act as her goel, her kinsman-redeemer, if her nearer kinsman would not perform this duty for her. Before sending her back to Naomi, Boaz gave Ruth a generous supply of barley.

Prayer: Lord, the drama of this chapter points beyond itself to the greatest drama of Your creative and redemptive work on behalf of the people upon whom You have set Your love. Like Ruth, let me be obedient to the role You call me to play.

Meditation passage: verses 10–11

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