A Question on Eternal Perspective Books

Question: Which books form your eternal perspective trilogy, and how do they tie together?

My eternal perspective collection include three books published by InterVarsity Press (in 2016, 2017, and forthcoming in early 2020, respectively), plus one training guide published by Trinity House Publishers (in 2018) that serves as a companion to the second book in the unofficial trilogy.

Book 1 tells us about the power of and need for an eternal perspective. Book 2 discusses how to develop such a perspective. The companion guide to the second book provides a robust collection of practical exercises for cultivating this perspective (104 exercises divided over 8 categories, plus a 52-week plan for those desiring it). This guide has now been made into a mobile app (also available in a web format for non-iPhone users), which we plan to enhance and update over time; download or learn more at https://presence.app. The third and final book in the trilogy tells us that only an eternal perspective can sustain us through the temporal sufferings required for growth in Christlike character in preparation for glory.


  1. Tip: Book 2 plus the companion guide are available for a discounted bundle price here.