A Question on “The Shack”

A Question on “The Shack”
Image of a shack in the woods

Question: What’s your view on William P. Young’s The Shack?

Having read The Shack, I think that while this novel can speak to people who have experienced profound trauma, unforgiveness, bitterness, and abuse, I have quite a number of problems with it. One of the most basic is that it presents a distorted picture of God by eliminating half of His attributes (for instance, it has no categories for the transcendence, judgment, wrath, or fear of God). I also dislike the unbiblical imagery and the flawed and relativistic epistemology. In addition, it teaches modalism and other errors concerning the Godhead. I therefore recommend caution regarding this book, since the comfort it may provide can be offset by its distortions. In addition, the 2017 film adaptation of the novel stirs up additional problems, discussed in this article.

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