Perception: Cultivating a Seeing Eye

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What does it look like to live as a disciple of Christ in this world?

One of the ten marks of a disciple is perception: learning to use nature to amplify your delight in and fear of the Lord. Disciples must cultivate a seeing eye and a listening ear in order to see God in all things. The more you train yourself to recognize God’s work in the world, the more you will be able to see Him.

Cultivating a Seeing Eye

Consider Psalm 104. This psalm speaks of the marvels of God’s created order and the care He shows for His creation. Or read through Job 38–42. In these chapters, God responds to Job with a series of questions that show how little Job understands about the natural order, let alone spiritual things.

The more we study nature with a seeing eye, the more we will be able to notice God’s hand at work. From the macrocosm to the microcosm, God has created this world to display His glory. Everything points to Him, beckoning us to look to His special revelation (Scripture) to get to know Him better and enter into a relationship with Him through His Incarnate Word (Jesus). Then we will have the Indwelling Word (the Holy Spirit) within us, opening our eyes even further to see His glory in creation.

Delighting in and Fearing God

As we develop our perception, we will delight in and fear God more, living both doxologically and phobologically. The first of those terms refers to praising God in all things. The second is a term I coined to describe how we ought to live in awe of God.

The more we look at the natural world, the more we will recognize the immanence and the transcendence of God. He is both near and far, our close Friend and our sovereign King. Studying nature and cultivating a seeing eye will point us more and more to Him.

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