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Discovering Your Personal Purpose

by Dr. Ken Boa Some of us come to understand God’s purpose for us when we’re older, others when we’re younger; some after a long process of discovery, others through a sudden insight or vision. Finding our unique purpose can be fun and rewarding. It can also lead

Finding Your Purpose

by Dr. Ken Boa The Process of Finding Your Purpose Our God-given calling (vocation) can be defined as our unchanging reason for being. It’s the essence of who we are, why we’re on earth, and what separates us from other humans. Unlike a career, our unique purpose comes

5 Lessons From Ecclesiastes About the Meaning of Life

“Doubt everything, find your own light.” These are the last words of the Buddha.  It sounds like good advice, but then the human heart invariably presses on to doubt itself!  After all, what security, what authority, what kind of assurance can we have that this light is true? 

Nations: A Biblical Concept

Even as Christians, we find ourselves often thrust into debate concerning concepts like globalism and nationalism. Are nations biblical? How should we think about nationalism, in general, or Christian nationalism, in particular?