Beyond Words Radio Interviews Ken Boa on Latest Books

Beyond Words Radio Interviews Ken Boa on Latest Books
Radio show host Bill Campbell

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6/5/2018 UPDATE: Bill Campbell invited Ken back for a second interview on Life in the Presence of God. Part 2 will air on June 25, 2018, and will then be available as a free downloadable podcast. Here are the details:

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Ken Boa’s two latest books are the subject of interviews by author and pastor William P. Campbell (executive director of Scripture Awakening) on BEYOND Words Radio, which hosts authors, ministry leaders, and others every Monday morning on live radio and podcasts nationally and internationally. The program helps believers “make the vital connection between our faith and life.” Ken’s interviews took place February 5, 2018 (Life in the Presence of God) and March 20, 2017 (Rewriting Your Broken Story) and are available for free listening at the links below.

In the 2018 interview, Ken covers topics such as neuroplasticity and its relevance to spirituality, as well as tangible practices we can carry with us to become more “springloaded” toward the things of the Spirit all day long (not just in a morning devotional time). Among other subjects, Ken discusses the roles of intentionality and repetition in spiritual training, especially as they relate to those who feel “stuck” spiritually or who struggle with hard-to-break addictions and habits.

“People give up too quickly,” he says. “But over time, an accumulative momentum occurs through a combo of trusting and training.” While at first the difference of one seemingly small spiritual practice may seem imperceptible, the total effect becomes noticeable over time.

In the 2017 interview, Ken discusses why such practices are so important to cultivate—the subject of the prequel to Life in the Presence of God, entitled Rewriting Your Broken Story.

“Everyone has a broken story,” Ken explains. “There are broken hopes and dreams, people betrayed, things that go wrong . . . things that should’ve, could’ve, would’ve happened. The question is, is there a way of fixing a broken story? My answer is yes. The way we do it is by embedding our story in the greatest story ever told—God’s story; a story that we know begins and ends well.”

Ken goes on to touch on topics ranging from the mystery of time to the problem of evil to the realities of heaven and hell.

Each interview is just under a half-hour long.

Get the books:

Life in the Presence of God (IVP, 2017)

Rewriting Your Broken Story (IVP, 2016)

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