The Complexity of Creation

Even though the majority of the book of Job focuses on the why of suffering, God’s answer to Job in chapters 38–42 does not address this question. Instead, God lays a deeper foundation for understanding suffering: His own knowledge and character. He demonstrates His glory and power so that Job can understand that he will not be able to comprehend the ways of God.

We will not always have answers. But we can trust our sovereign God and obey Him even when we do not understand.

The Complexity of Creation

When we begin to look at the complexity of what God has done, it boggles the imagination. There is gratuitous beauty in creation—it goes beyond what evolutionists consider necessary for survival. What we see in creation is beauty for its own sake, which points to the glory and beauty of our God. This is especially seen in the diversity of the beauty. Even among something as mundane as chickens, there is a wide array of patterns and colors that demonstrate God’s creativity.

The details in creation show subtlety, craftsmanship, and planning. Natural or sexual selection cannot account for this design, this beauty. There is order in the complexity of creation that points to the mind of the Maker.

If we expand our vision merely by looking at creation, we see our smallness and the hugeness of the universe. Yet, small as we are, our God deems us valuable. Instead of leaving us in our sin, He came down to earth and took on humanity with undiminished deity in order to save us. Our God is truly awesome—He is more powerful than we imagine, yet intimate with us as well.

Note of Caution: The videos shown in Ken’s teaching come from sources that do not necessarily hold a biblical worldview; by using them, we are not endorsing the ideas or viewpoints they might espouse.

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