Jesus in His Own Words: A Layman’s Perspective – Paperback

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Jesus in His Own Words: A Layman’s Perspective paints a portrait of the central figure in human history, Jesus Christ, using his own words. It seeks to convince the reader that our decision about the person and message of Jesus is the single most important decision we will ever make. The book uses words of Jesus recorded in the Bible, combined with short, lay-friendly explanations that amplify their meaning and context. The book highlights more than 200 key passages (covering more than 300 unique verses), organized into 12 basic categories-such as “His Identity,” “His Miracles,” “His Death and Resurrection,” and “His Teachings on the End Times.” Transcending denominational boundaries and thus offering a wide appeal as an essential primer for the skeptic, seeker, and believer alike, the book seeks to help readers of all backgrounds-including those unfamiliar with Christianity and theological jargon-to understand who Jesus is, why he came, and what he taught. Ultimately, the aim is to help fulfill the Great Commission: to make disciples of Jesus from all nations (Matthew 28). Also available in beautiful bonded leather.