A Purpose-Filled Life

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The eighth mark of a disciple is living out your universal and unique purpose.

Your universal purpose, the purpose that applies to all disciples of Jesus, includes evangelism and the edification of others. At the same time, God gives you a unique purpose in your life that involves the prism of your personality. He calls you to serve Him through the gifts He has given you.

Your Universal Purpose

Part of your purpose as a follower of Christ is to evangelize those around you. The term “evangelism” in popular usage is often viewed as the act of bringing people to Christ. But in reality it involves any step of the entire process—the preparing of the soil, the sowing of the seed, the watering of the ground, and the harvest itself.

Many times, you will not be able to see the fruit of your ministry. Think about the numerous people who have had an impact on your life, even if they don’t know it. In the same way, as a disciple of Christ you are affecting those around you when you walk with Him and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Your Unique Purpose

As a follower of Christ, you also have a purpose in your unique circumstances and personality.

In living out this purpose, it is important not to separate the sacred and the secular, but to recognize the opportunities God gives you in your career or family. He calls you to live for Him in every circumstance, both at church and at work. As you do so, be careful of the temptation to let the secular overwhelm the sacred.

If you ever struggle with feeling your purpose in life, ask God for clarity and direction. It may take time to develop an understanding of what He calls you to do, and that calling may change in different seasons of life. But as you consistently ask God for guidance, He will give you the wisdom you need.

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